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Wayne State University is, and has always been, a path to opportunity and success, a place where ideas and curiosity advance our understanding, and enrich our lives. At Wayne State, the classroom extends into the real world, and students are prepared not only to graduate but to excel. We are a vibrant, thriving microcosm of the world around us and a center for dialogue, debate and discovery. Our impact radiates far beyond our urban campus and community. It is felt across the United States and around the world -— in courtrooms and boardrooms,  theaters and laboratories, schools and hospitals, and libraries and neighborhoods. We don't just educate people; we transform them, and they transform the world.

The English Language Institute (ELI)

As the only intensive English language program in the metropolitan Detroit area, the English Language Institute of Wayne State University specializes exclusively in teaching academic preparation skills, English communication, and cultural orientation to non-native speakers of English from all over the world.

Established in 1974, the ELI is committed to assisting individuals at all levels of English proficiency develop their English communication skills in the shortest possible time. A major focus of the ELI is to help language learners build confidence in their own language abilities as a result of their higher English proficiency.

The intensive nature of language instruction at the ELI enables language learners to focus on the language skills they need most, and to make the greatest progress possible in the time they have for language learning.

The ELI offers comprehensive and innovative language programs which provide students with the best English instruction, the newest methodologies, and the most up-to-date language-learning technology available in the United States. For more information about Wayne State University's English Language Institute, visit eli.wayne.edu (in multiple languages).

For English proficiency requirements, visit https://wayne.edu/admissions/international/english-proficiency/ (in English).

About Wayne State University

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the educational, cultural and social experiences of Wayne State students. OISS collaborates with university departments and the surrounding community to create and maintain an inclusive, global campus. Whether it's a ride to the grocery store, help with resumes or academic support, OISS assists students in navigating through the university system. Contact the OISS at: https://oiss.wayne.edu/.

Diverse Student Body: Wayne State University is home to nearly 32,000 students, including more than 2,000 from foreign countries. This diversity enhances the social and academic experience of our students.

Exceptional Academic Programs and Faculty: Academic excellence is our hallmark. In each department, students will find renowned faculty and cutting-edge technology and resources that will prepare them for today's competitive job market. Our faculty members don't just teach from the textbook –- they teach from experience. Wayne State students learn current theories from leading faculty in their fields, and that's why our students are prepared for the future. For a complete list of academic programs: wayne.edu/academics/programs.php (in English).

Facilities: Wayne State is constantly upgrading facilities to give students the best space in which to study. Recent improvements include expanded classrooms and labs in several buildings. Our wireless network is available in most WSU instructional space. Wayne State has six libraries, including the Adamany Undergraduate Library which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The libraries provide computer labs to give you access to research, homework and the internet.

Research: Wayne State University is among the top 50 public universities in research expenditures, as ranked by the National Science Foundation, with research and development expenditures exceeding $235 million in 2007. We are a member of the University Research Corridor, with the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. Together, we generate 95 percent of all federal research dollars in Michigan, and ensure students at all levels have opportunities to pursue their research interests. Students from disciplines across the university -- physical and life sciences, social sciences, performing arts and humanities –- can participate in research. Undergraduate and graduate research puts theory into practice as students work on projects and are mentored by full-time faculty.

Campus Life and Accommodations

Our students develop life and leadership skills by participating in numerous campus activities. More than 260 student organizations sponsor everything from ethnic celebrations and political debates to campus-wide Red Cross events. If we don't have an organization focused on what you are passionate about, we will help you start one. Being active on campus sharpens the communication and planning skills that employers seek, and helps you build your resume.

Living in one of Wayne State's residence halls is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. It's a chance to grow as an individual and learn about yourself as you work toward your educational goals. Here, you will meet people from diverse backgrounds and make friendships that can last a lifetime. Plus, you will be close to your classes, the libraries, the student center and the fitness center as well as a variety of restaurants. Our campus offers a number of living options and accommodates individual students as well as students with families. For more information and pricing, visit housing.wayne.edu (in English).

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Strategically located between the upper Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway, and only a short river crossing from Windsor (Ontario), Detroit has maintained its role as one of the nation's truly international cities. The long, productive partnership between the city of Detroit and Wayne State University is based on an intrinsic kinship: Both have a tradition of welcoming men and women of diverse cultural backgrounds, and both are committed to the democratic dream of equality and opportunity.

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For a complete list of academic programs at Wayne State University: wayne.edu/academics/programs.php (in English)

For an estimate of tuition and expenses: http://www.eli.wayne.edu/apply/tuition-fees.php (in English)

To apply to Wayne State University: admissions.wayne.edu/applyonline.php (in English)

Wayne State University Home Page: wayne.edu (in English)

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