Apply to ELI

Intensive English Program

To apply for the Intensive English Program, complete the English Language Institute - Application for Admission form online. The form is available on the "Appication Checklist" page, under "How to Apply to the ELI."


Conditional Admission

To apply for conditional admission, complete an undergraduate or graduate application for admission, an Application for Conditional Admission, and a Statement of Financial Support. The links and forms are available on the "Conditional Admission" page.


8-Week Summer Session

To apply for the 8-week summer session, complete the English Language Institute - Application for Admission form online. The form is available on the "Application Checklist" page, under "How to Apply to the ELI."


American Pronunciation and Clear Communication (Evening Course)

This course is designed to address the communication needs of the advanced level, non-native English-speaking professional and is intended for individuals who want to reduce pronunciation errors in their spontaneous as well as prepared speech.

Click here for more information about the course and to submit the American Pronunciation and Clear Communication Registration Form.