Tuition & Fees

Costs 2018-2019


Students on F-1 Visas
(Non-Resident Tuition, Out-of-State)
Intensive English Program
(12 credit hours)
Summer Program
(6 credit hours)
Tuition $11,242.07 $5,734.97
Housing & Food* $3,600 $1,800
Books & Supplies $150 $145
Health Insurance $400 $200
Personal Expenses** $720 $470
Total $16,112.07 $8,349.97

*Based on single occupancy apartment. Students can minimize cost by sharing housing and living expenses.
**Students on F-1 visas can work on campus to subsidize their personal expenses.
All expenses other than tuition and health insurance are estimates and will vary according to the student.

Note: Fees subject to change without prior notice.

Students are assessed tuition each semester based on their college, level, year in school, academic program, in-state or out-of-state status, and credit hours. Some tuition charges are based on specific majors and that portion of tuition is not reflected in the tuition calculator.

Click here for the latest information from the Wayne State University Registrar.

Wayne State University/ELI Tuition and Fee Rates 2018-2019

Please see the tuition calculator for the latest information.

Rate Per Credit Hour Michigan Residents Non-Residents Student Service Fee
ELI Freshmen & Sophomores $384.74 $881.20 $36.65
Juniors, Seniors, & Post-Bachelors $456.58 $1,049.92 $36.65
Graduate Students $657.51 $1,424.18 $36.65
Law Students $965.15 $1,122.09 $36.65
Registration Fee
(per semester)
$227.87 $227.87  

Note: Fee subject to change without prior notice.