Faculty & Staff

Bruce Morgan

ELI Program Director

Bruce S. Morgan, Ph.D.

ELI Director: The DIrector is responsible for the overall management of the ELI and is assisted in administrative tasks by the full-time lecturers.

Office: 355 Manoogian Hall
Tel: (313) 577-8072
E-mail: ad5661@wayne.edu


Administrative Staff 

Darran HendricksDarran R. Hendricks, M.A.

Office Manager and Designated School Official (Immigration): The Office Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations and processes required to provide administrative support to the ELI Director. These processes involve financial and personnel matters and student records maintenance. The Office Manager also serves as the Designated School Official for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).

Office: 351 Manoogian Hall
Tel: (313) 577-2729
E-mail: ab5825@wayne.edu
LaWanda R. Hill, B.S.LaWanda Hill

Conditional Admission Coordinator: The Conditional Admission Coordinator interacts with various internal and external units and coordinates the conditional admission process. She functions as the confidential assistant to the Director regarding admission, reports, and enrollment services. The Conditional Admission Coordinator also coordinates operational activities for international student recruitment.

Office: 351 Manoogian Hall
Tel: (313) 577-2729
E-mail: ab7312@wayne.edu 



Marta Dmytrenko-Ahrabian, Ph.D.Marta Dmytrenko-Ahrabian

Curriculum Coordinator: The Curriculum Coordinator is in charge of the academic aspect of the ELI.  This includes coordinating course offerings and class scheduling, coordinating textbook selection and ordering, and overseeing the delivery of the curriculum for all classes.

Office: 365 Manoogian Hall
Tel: (313) 577-2785
E-mail: aa4605@wayne.edu



Michael Klüg, M.A.Michael Klug

Special Programs Coordinator:The Special Progams Coordinator develops short-term special programs for the ELI. The Special Programs Coordinator also coordinates all aspects of the eight-week summer program.

Office: 369 Manoogian Hall
Tel: (313) 577-1332
E-mail: gm9700@wayne.edu  



Christi Laginess, M.A.Christi Laginess

Academic Services Coordinator: The Academic Services Coordinator tracks ELI student performance throughout the semester and answers students' questions about probation issues. The Coordinator is also respomsible for placement testing, student records and registration, and the TOEFL ITP for prospective WSU students.

Office: 359 Manoogian Hall
Tel: (313) 577-1925
E-mail: christi@wayne.edu


Sara Tipton, M.A.Sara Tipton

International Teaching Assistant Testing & Training Coordinator: The Coordinator for ITA Testing and Training administers the SPEAK test to prospective ITAs, facilitates fall ITA orientation, and teaches ELI 0520, an ITA training course. The Coordinator also provides ongoing information on current trends and research in the area of ITA training for the Graduate School and graduate departments.

Office: 367 Manoogian Hall
Tel: (313) 577-7706
E-mail: S.Tipton@wayne.edu