Customized English courses

The English Language Institute (ELI) at Wayne State University believes that the ability to communicate effectively using the English language is the key to professional success in the U.S.A. An integral part of ELI's function is to prepare English language learners to succeed in a global society by providing comprehensive and innovative language instruction for professional communication in the Wayne State community.

A unique service that the ELI can provide for professional development to businesses and professionals is customized English language courses. The ELI can develop special classes or workshops that are designed to meet the particular English language needs of businesses and institutions within the WSU community.  Examples of special classes and workshops include:

  • Accent reduction and pronunciation improvement
  • Communication techniques and presentation skills
  • Business and technical writing
  • TOEFL iBT preparation
  • Integrated courses, such as communicative grammar, which incorporates all language skills

All customized English language courses are taught by experienced instructors who have a master's degree in TESOL or Applied Linguistics and years of experience in teaching English to international professionals. The ELI can teach a customized English language course at the company's site or at our Detroit or Warren locations. 

The ELI meets with businesses and professionals for an initial consultation and needs assessment before it creates a customized English language program. 

To learn more and customize any program, contact:

Michael Kelly, Associate Director

Executive and Professional Development

(313) 577-4665

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