Summer program

ELI 8-week summer session 

For those interested in improving their English and academic skills in a short-term program, the ELI offers an 8-week session for students of all levels of English proficiency. The intensive program consists of up to 14 class hours per week of beginning-level through advanced-level instruction. Beginning and intermediate classes teach communicative skills and integrate reading, writing, and grammar in one module and listening, speaking, and pronunciation in a second module. Advanced classes continue to reinforce communication skills while emphasizing academic skills. Class level will be determined by the placement test. Classes run from late June to mid-August and meet Monday through Thursday mornings.

Students who enroll in the ELI 8-week summer program will receive:

  • approximately 101 teacher contact hours
  • an orientation session
  • placement testing
  • personal advising
  • access to the ELI extensive reading library
  • the opportunity to participate in social and/or recreational field trips hosted by the ELI and Office of International Programs

Schedule and Important Dates






8:30 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

Writing Skills (Reading, Writing, Grammar)

10:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Oral Skills (Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation)

The 2021 summer program has been cancelled.



The ELI summer program has up to three levels with two courses in each level. Each course is 8 class hours per week. The course descriptions are  below.

Writing Skills 1: This course integrates reading, writing, and grammar and focuses on comprehending main ideas and details, inferencing simplified reading texts, and understanding vocabulary in context.  Students will learn to organize and write paragraphs with simple grammatically correct sentences. 

Writing Skills 2: This course integrates reading, writing, and grammar and will emphasize how reading and writing are related. Rhetorical modes of essay writing will be introduced, a novel will be read, and more advanced grammar points will be covered.

Writing Skills 3: This course integrates reading, writing, and grammar and will focus on reading authentic materials and writing essays.  Students will work to improve their understanding and use of American English, grammar, and mechanics for academic settings.

Oral Skills 1: This course integrates listening and speaking in English and introduces culturally-appropriate interaction in speech. Students listen to dialogues, newscasts, and short lectures; give short presentations on a variety of topics; and receive individualized feedback on pronunciation. 

Oral Skills 2: This course integrates listening and speaking in English and focuses on refining students' abilities to understand academic and informal spoken language by listening to academically-themed lectures and extended dialogues.  They will develop critical thinking skills for responding to questions and giving presentations. 

Oral Skills 3: This course integrates listening and speaking in English and will help students increase their aural/oral fluency through participation in academic/content-based discussions and various other forms of speech in formal, informal, and academic settings.


Program Costs

The following are the estimated costs for the 2021 summer program:


Summer Program

Tuition (non-resident, out of state)

$4,024.04 (two classes) / $2,129.60 (one class)

Tuition (resident) $1,974.64 (two classes) / $1,104.90 (one class)
Housing and Food* $3,000
Books and Supplies $100
Health Insurance $200
Personal Expenses $400
Total cost for non-residents $7,724.04

*Based on off-campus housing. Students can minimize costs by sharing housing and living expenses.

All expenses other than tuition and health insurance are estimates and will vary according to the student. Tuition and fees subject to change without prior notice; estimated tuition cost includes: tuition, Student Service Fee, and Registration Fee.


Completion of Program

The 8-week summer session is independent from the ELI Intensive English Program. In order to satisfy Wayne State University's general English proficiency requirement for admission, students must pass all four Level 5 classes with grades of C+ or higher in the Intensive English Program. Students who attend the summer session may take the placement test at the end of August if they would like to continue their studies in the intensive program.


Apply for the ELI 8-Week Summer Session 

Are you ready to apply for the summer program? Click here to go to the "Application Checklist" page. We look forward to seeing you this summer!