Request for Change in ELI Placement

As stated on the ELI Placement Chart and in the ELI Student Handbook:

Before classes begin each semester, new students will take three placement tests to determine their appropriate level of study: 1) English Placement Test (EPT), 2) CaMLA Speaking Test, and 3) CaMLA Writing Test. The combination of scores will determine placement in the ELI.

For Oral Integrated classes, students must have: For Written Integrated and afternoon classes, students must have:    
  • EPT score for the level
  • CaMLA Speaking score for the level                                   
  • EPT score for the level
  • CaMLA Writing score for the level

At the end of each semester, all students are evaluated for promotion based on their course grades.  Final grades of C+ (78%) are required to move up to the next level.

Any changes to a new student's placement are made on the official WSU last day to add or drop classes, which is usually at the end of the 2nd week of ELI classes.

Any changes to a returning student's placement are made before classes begin for the next semester.


It is Normal to Feel Concerned about Your ELI Placement

The first week of classes in the ELI may be very challenging for some students, especially if they are newcomers to the U.S.A. However, other students may think that the first week of classes is slow or repetitive. It is normal to feel concerned or even worried about your ELI placement. Your teachers are here for you, so express any concerns that you may have about the course to them. In addition, please keep in mind that you have been tested and placed in the ELI with valid and reliable testing instruments that are respected in the field of ESL teaching.  Moreover, the pace and complexity of the course content will increase in the second and third weeks of the course. If you still believe that your placement needs to be adjusted, follow the guidelines and procedures below to request a change in your ELI placement.

Guidelines for New Students Requesting a Change in ELI Placement

1. If you feel that the class(es) that you have been placed in is either too difficult or not challenging enough, you should first discuss your concerns with your teacher.

When you express your concerns directly to your teacher, your teacher can monitor your proficiency and performance and make a recommendation for a change in ELI placement if she/he feels it is justified.

2. After speaking with your teacher, if you still believe that you have been inappropriately placed in a course, submit a REQUEST FOR CHANGE IN ELI PLACEMENT FORM.

Please refer to the "Course Placement for New Students" and "Progression through the Program" sections of the ELI Student Handbook for ELI placement and promotion policies.  Refer to the "Appeal Procedure for Intital Placement" and "Appeal Procedure for Placement of Returning Students" sections for appeal information.

Appeal Procedure for Initial Placement

At the start of the semester, all students are required to attend the classes in which they have been placed.

Once a request for a change in placement has been submitted, the ELI Director will review the student's placement data and current performance with the Testing Coordinator and the teachers involved.

When a final decision has been reached, the ELI Director will inform the student in writing.

Appeal Procedure for Placement of Returning Students

At the end of each semester, Student Evauation and Placement reports are available for student pickup in the ELI Main Office.  Students may appeal to skip the level on their Placement report if they have a minimum grade of A- (90%) for each course in which they are requesting a double promotion.  A REQUEST FOR CHANGE IN ELI PLACEMENT FORM must be submitted by the end of the semester published on the ELI Calendar (on the same day that students receive their Student Evaluation and Placement reports).  Eligible students must take the ELI Placement Tests (CaMLA Speaking Test, CaMLA Writing Test, English Placement Test) at the beginning of the following semester.

To be eligible to skip a level IN EACH CLASS, the student must:

Once a request for change in placement has been submitted, the Testing Coordinator will contact the student to confirm the testing date.  After the student has completed the ELI Placement Test, the ELI Director will inform the student of the decision in wrirting.