Chenguang Du, Kaifeng, China

"ELI is really where my memories begin. Two years ago, I took courses in ELI as a visiting scholar and all of the English language that I learned here still makes great sense whenever I try to use it. The studying environment at ELI can provide you with the best support in whatever you need to know after you start your academic program.  In addition, the teachers here can cultivate you with totally different teaching methodologies and educational philosophies, which you might never experience when studying English in your own country. After a few months of concentrated study, not only my English was tremendously improved but also I felt like I was almost accustomed to the American culture and life, which also was termed as “Americanized” by some teachers. Now, I have come back to start another program and I really appreciate the training from the ELI, because if it was not for the help I got from the nice and responsible teachers here, I would not have gotten admission to my program nor have been quickly involved into the life here."

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