Salma Alazmeh, Damascus, Syria

When the war started in Syria, most businesses closed, so I decided to study abroad and get a graduate degree in Business Administration. Language was my main constraint to start my MBA. English Language Institute (ELI) at Wayne State University was an outstanding department that gave me the most vital skills, knowledge and confidence to ensure that I am ready to start expanding my education in the business field. What is unique about them is that they have an equal balance of learning, reviewing information, and engaging in cultural events and fun trips which broaden my horizons. Moreover, the enormous tools that ELI provides for its students, such as tutoring, conversation partners, different advanced and common software were very critical to my success in learning English. In fact, I still use their materials as a reference when I am writing any professional article or essay in my master courses. My ELI teachers were excellent in motivating me to do my best. They are very respectful, helpful and fair. I am so delighted that I still communicate with them and have a good relationship with them even though I am not a student there anymore. I am very thankful for the experiences I gain from the institution!

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