SPEAK® Testing Schedule

Changes to the SPEAK test for Fall 2020

The SPEAK test will be administered remotely via Zoom, August 17-28, and later at department request.

Prospective international TAs will be tested individually and securely via their WSU Zoom account. Zoom meetings will be set up as students are identified by departments. Students will receive detailed communication about the format of the exam and how to prepare.

The test fee will remain $50.00 per test. Only students whose departments are paying for the SPEAK test via IRB will be tested.

Note this change on who must be tested: The Graduate School has agreed to waive the SPEAK test (just for this 20-21 academic year) for students who meet one of these criteria:

· Valid iBT TOEFL speaking score of 24 or higher (not the cumulative score): note that scores expire after 2 years

· Valid 7.5 IELTS speaking score (not the cumulative score): note that scores expire after 2 years

· graduate of a US undergraduate or graduate program

· transfer from another US graduate program

· language proficiency not required by Admissions (from an English-speaking country, etc.)

This policy will be revisited in 2021.

Departments should review the students being considered for a TA position to identify who needs to be tested and who can be waived and contact Sara Tipton at s.tipton@wayne.edu:

· For the former, please email the student name, Banner ID and access ID

· For the latter, please email rationale for waiving the test.

Please note that any student will be tested at department request.

Please contact Sara Tipton, Coordinator for ITA Testing and Training, at s.tipton@wayne.edu with questions.